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Hidden Talents Are About to Be Discovered and its Nothing like American Idol

MSTVOW, Markham’s upcoming TV station has plans to launch a large Canadian production program titled “Hidden Talents Discovered”. This program focuses on providing opportunities to passionate young individuals.

For those who carry a great desire for music, this TV station offers a chance for young talents to perform live on stage at their studio.

Imagine a PYRAMID, at the top stands thousands of well-known artists such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and Lady Gaga… etc. While in proportion, the bottom reveals millions of talented individuals who have the potential to climb, but have not come across the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Through MSTVOW’s major program, “Hidden Talents Discovered”, their goal is to help talented young individuals gain exposure and recognition.

Within six months, MSTVOW will select the top ten performers and provide them the chance to go to China and Asia, where they will enter the music industry and rise to their full potential.

Registration to “Hidden Talents Discovered” is FREE.

Contact us at for more details on this incredible opportunity!

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