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School of Rock Jams at the Famous Hard Rock Café

With arrangements made by Jamie Shear, Music Director of MSTVOW - this past weekend MSTVOW had the honour of joining School of Rock for their evening jam at the world-renowned Hard Rock Café located in downtown Toronto.

The Hard Rock Café is an international restaurant chain known for their genius combination of great music and food. This venue-restaurant hybrid opened the 70’s and has since held shows for some of the greatest musicians such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Coldplay, The Killers… etc.

With establishments in 59 countries and 191 locations all over the US to Asia, there is no surprise why Hard Rock Café still continues to be a popular venue destination to passionate young artists.

While MSTVOW did behind the scenes coverage and interviews with School of Rock House Band, guests were quickly lined up hours before the show.

Greatly inspired by the world of rock and operating for over 15 years, School of Rock has become a popular destination for countless passionate musicians to develop their musical talent and confidence. School of Rock is known to provide students the incredible opportunity of eventually performing live on-stage in front of hundreds of people!

Having just returned from rocking out at the Punta Cana resort, there is no telling what corners of the world music will take these talented young artists next!

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