No matter what background or ethnic origin, we all share a mutual desire for music. MSTV would like to welcome ANY performing artist to take part in this wonderful opportunity !

Music is widely appreciated throughout the world. You may not be surprised to find how many people are inspired to nourish their musical passion at a young age. Made up of pure emotion from the soul, music is like a gift from the heavens. Music is so powerful that it can affect you when you listen to it. No matter what your background is, music is something that will always be universal even if you cannot understand the lyrics, or the lyrics are non-existent.


Think about a child, spending weeks learning a 30 second melody to perform at their first piano recital. How about a kindergarten teacher, spending months preparing their students for their first festive choir performance? This is where they sing their hearts out in front of  fellow teachers, classmates and parents for the first time. Or even a baby, stomping their feet to their first musical beat as they try to mimic the performers on television. Music is something that has become a natural part of us, like sight and smell. 

Behind all these milestones of your parent’s life lies the undiscovered talent, people like you. When you’re on stage, you enjoy every moment of your performance. For some, music is their only language of self-expression. Within all your mini performances, deep down inside lies a quiet but hopeful dream. That some day, your music will reach the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Inspiring, guiding and healing the heart of those who share love and peace.

MSTVOW’s upcoming primary program, “Hidden Talents Discovered”, is designed to showcase passionate and talented individuals like yourself. No matter what background or ethnic origin, we all share a mutual desire for music. MSTV would like to welcome ANY performing artist to take part in this wonderful opportunity !  You can finally showcase your talent on stage, receive a video of your performance, then have your performance broadcasted on air ! 

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