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Hidden Talents Discovered (HTD)
Major Canadian Production Program

Our primary program focuses on recruiting passionate young individuals and providing them with an opportunity to perform live on stage at our TV station. Our goal is to help them gain exposure, recognition and create more opportunities for them to showcase their talent.



A House is a Home

This program inspired by Burt Bacharach’s “A House is Not a Home”, reflects the true meaning of family and sense of belonging. It takes a look at beautifully designed homes as well as the latest interior design trends.


Travel and Tourism

MSTVOW explores the best places to eat and live all over the world. With breathtaking scenery, scrumptious food and endless adventure, this program is great for those looking to travel or those who want to gain some cultural exposure in the comfort of their own home.


Entertainment Gossip

Lights, camera, action! This program features an outlook on the behind-the-scenes of the daily lives of celebrities and the world of entertainment. With the latest updates and gossip, this show will leave viewers wanting to know more! 



In Search of Excellence

This program takes a look at Canada’s top educational facilities. There is no doubt that education is a top priority today. Through interviews with knowledgeable principals, professors and students, “In Search of Excellence” will help parents find the perfect school suited for their children.


Keep On Running

An informative program designed to educate viewers about the automobile industry. MSTVOW compares various models and provides an outlook of what to look for when buying or selling a car. This program leaves the audience with multiple options to choose from!


Talented Kids

This program provides young children under the age of 10 an opportunity to showcase their talent on stage. From piano to dancing and speaking to acting, this entertainment program is geared towards inspiring and building confidence within talented kids and providing a platform for parents to exhibit their children’s abilities.


Golden Portion of Society

In this segment of MSTVOW, seniors provide their wisdom and knowledge towards today’s world. It explores their active lifestyle and explains how they have lived life to the fullest. This program will leave viewers with advice and inspiration from those who have already walked the path.


Heart for Charity

Designed to encourage individuals to support charity events, this program inspires viewers to contribute to their community. It provides recognition for those giving a helping hand to society in efforts to make a great change. MSTVOW strongly supports local charities and will emphasize its meaningful purpose. 



Fashion Architect

It has been proven that what you wear greatly reflects how you feel about yourself. MSTVOW examines how fashion can alter your mentality and mood. Whether people become happier, more confident or laid-back, fashion is important to every person’s lifestyle. Join us as we explain the psychology behind fashion and its influence on society. A segment of the season’s latest upcoming trends will also be featured with this program. 

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