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An Opportunity to Enter the Music Industry in Asia 

At MSTVOW our primary program, "Hidden Talents Discovered", focuses on recruiting passionate young individuals and providing opportunities to perform live on stage at our TV station.

Imagine a PYRAMID, at the top stands thousands of well-known artists such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and Lady Gaga… etc. While in proportion, the bottom reveals millions of talented individuals who have the potential to climb, but have not come across the opportunity to showcase their talent. 


Although being famous would be a dream come true for some people, others are perfectly content with having fun on stage, sharing their music and enjoying what they do.

Through MSTVOW’s major program, “Hidden Talents Discovered”, our goal is to help talented young individuals gain exposure and recognition. We are welcoming all musicians, singers, dancers, solo performers, bands, even music schools! Name it all ! 


We want you to have fun, enjoy the experience and give it your all.


You might even have an opportunity to be selected to enter the music industry in ASIA !


MSTV Provides...

1. 1 hour of live recording/shooting with a TV Interview

2. Seating available at your discretion

3. Stage, light and sound

4. Backline equipment

5. Introduction of you/your group 

6. Program Host

7. A 30 minute copy of MSTV’s final edited version

8. 30 minutes of scheduled broadcasting time 

9. Certificate of Achievement

After Your Performance is Broadcasted on MSTVOW, You Could be Selected to Recieve:

○ Grand Cash Prize

○ Chance to Enter the

Music Industry in Asia as well

For more details please contact us at

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