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Markham TV Station Has Plans to Open with World-Renowned Musicians

MSTVOW, recently received a license from CRTC to broadcast content at their station.

As they continue to negotiate with the Giants of the Telecommunications Industry such as Rogers, Bell, Zazeen…etc, this startup TV station hopes to acquire these carriers to broadcast their content for their future audience.

In the mean-time MSTVOW prepares for their GRAND Opening Ceremony scheduled at a later date. This GRAND Opening, is not your typical “Grand Opening” event.

For this GRAND opening, MSTVOW is considering to invite artists such as Air Supply, Placido Domingo, Hedley, Shawn Mendes …etc.

With connections to powerhouses of the Entertainment Agencies like William Morris, CAA, The Agency Group, APA and Harvey Goldsmith from England. MSTVOW hopes to make this happen.

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