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MSTVOW Becomes Inspired by Miss Teenage Canada 2016

This summer MSTVOW was granted the opportunity by Miss Teenage Canada to cover their 2016 pageant finals held at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto.

Contestants from age 13 to 19 from provinces across Canada participated in the event. From outer to inner beauty, these young girls were judged based on important qualities such as passion, leadership and ambition; as well as their drive to help the community.

With a mission to provide an opportunity for young girls to step into the spotlight, challenge themselves, and realize their true potential in the process; no wonder Miss Teenage Canada has become one of the most recognized pageant events in Canada.

Honored to witness such amazing talent and sharing a similar mission, MSTVOW has become greatly inspired by this event. MSTVOW holds plans to broadcast this event once they officially announce the release of their channel. The consideration and hope to be able to recruit a few Miss Teenage contestants for their upcoming program, “Hidden Talents Discovered”, is also on their mind.

Hidden Talents Discovered provides passionate young artists with an opportunity to perform live on stage and be selected for a chance to enter the music industry in Asia.

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